slipperylppery6 (slipperylppery6) wrote,

Medium Visit

asked if i had a big wedding coming up, told her wedding, she knew i was doing things very different

asked about a older male, richard or robert.

asked about an older woman who had some kind of chest illness who has been gone a long time, she loves me very much, very proud, also loves mom very much and her heart of gold

said i have an old soul and always have, even when i was young i was old, the peacemaker and had an easier time talking to adults, that i work well with the elderly

she could tell thag i used to work with children, but not anymore, but she thinks i will eventually go back to that.

knew travis commutes over half an hour to work...busy with his phone and radio during drive..that he doesn't talk when he is emotional but that isnt againt me, nut it is just how he is

she knew someone on travis family had died a sudden death, had drugs coming out of his mouth, he is okay

someone younger 18 or 19 named matthew with big beautiful eyes who died fast.

knew that there was an Al that i worked with and have a very special connection with.

asked if i had a sister or two, said my sister was my maid of honor, then asked if i had two maid of honors, the other one is my soul sister, asked if she had a person with the name J that she loved

said i am looking to move, where i live has tall windows, says i will have one move before i get to a house

asked if i had someone named helen in my life, 44

knew my wedding was outdoors and something different

said she could tell i really wanted children but i need to wait until i am settled in the new house, she said she saw me having two children

asked if i was working on a passport
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