slipperylppery6 (slipperylppery6) wrote,

The song remembers when...

Just about everyone loves music.  If you play it loud enough, it can even make your bones rattle.  But I wonder if everyone has a few songs that come on, and they just lose their breath.  The get cover with goosebumps and their eyes fill with tears.  I have some of those songs.

I remember being very young and riding around in the car with my mom, country music playing.  She would always take the time and explain what the lyrics of the songs meant.  It may sound like no big deal, but I think it was a strong lesson in empathy.  Even at 8 years old, when the song "How can I help you to say goodbye" came on, she would have to change it quickly because I would start balling.  She showed me that music is more than just sounds, it is feelings as well.  It may seem kind of silly because between my mom and I, we couldn't play an instrument to save our lives, but I know we both have these songs that we can FEEL. 

The song "Dear Mr. President" by P!NK is a very deep song.  The message of the song is very obvious.  But for some reason, especially when she sings about the homeless people, people making a bed out of a cardboard box, I am practically shaking.  I have no specific connection to the homeless, but this song makes me feel like I need to be out there daily doing everything I can to help them.  I am starting to realize that this is who I am.  I care so deeply about the actual people in our community that need for something.  I feel so strongly about the homeless.  About the elderly.  About the mentally ill.  I want to help, to fix, to change.  This is me.  And this is how I want to live my life.  Travis says to me "you can't fix the whole world" but I want to spend my life trying.  I am really starting to realize that.  Sometimes, when I want to share the things I have done, I feel bad.  I feel like people will think I am looking for recognition but I truly am not.  I want people to see that one person can make a difference.  I want them to hear what I did and go do something themselves.  And I am slowly learning that I should not feel bad for doing what I love and telling people about it.

Ever since being with Travis, who is such a wonderfully talented musician, I feel like I am talentless.  I cannot draw, I cannot play an instrument, I do not play any sports.  I spent a lot of high school and college feeling like I did not fit in, at least not into any designated category.  But maybe, and I am saying this as humbly as possible, maybe helping people is my talent. 
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