slipperylppery6 (slipperylppery6) wrote,

tell me when

tell me when
being myself will be good enough

tell me when i can stop having bad days

tell me when my thoughts are correct

tell me when i can start showing my feelings

tell me when
i can get over you
and your touch

tell me how i am supposed to study
the language of another man
when i cannot even understand
the words of my own heart

tell me why i should study rocks
and what they are made of
when i all i want to do
is pick them up and throw them at you

i have all the sensible answers
the ones i would give a friend

tell me when
i can understand why i feel the way i do
then i don't know
how long i will last

is so confusing
is so big
how can i not just be one soul
lost somewhere between
6.4 billion and 6.5 billion 

'hold me closer tiny dancer
count the headlights on the highway
lay me down in sheets of linen
i had a busy day today'

they seriously need to start having classes
on the important things in life
like how to say goodbye
how to interept your own heart

what good will it do you
to know of aristotle's teachings
and newton's laws
if you don't have a life to live
or a reason to learn

sometimes there is so much of me
that i feel like i am going to explode
in every which way
there are so many aspects and angles
to who i am
that they can not physically fit within my body
there are so many things i want to do
but never enough time
or energy

our sex has a smell
but that drawer full of condoms
wasn't meant for us

maybe someday
someone will make me as happy
as i make you

my ears are ringing
thats the alarm going off in my head
telling me
that there is thought overload
and it is time to shut down for the night

what would you say
if i told you
i love you
but i am okay without you

in your arms
how can two bodies
fit so perfectly
if they weren't meant to be

how can your skin
make my entire body melt
rough never felt so soft

there is just too much to say
and my mouth can't move fast enough
my brain can't think fast enough
and my fingers can't type fast enough

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