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 My boyfriend's friend's grandfather passed away this weekend.  we went out and got him a  card.  after i wrote in the card i basically shut down.  i was so sad about missing my grandpa that my body couldn't handle it and i got sleepy.  so sleepy i pretty much fell asleep while i was driving.  then after i got back and spilled my milkshake on my feet as i was trying to carry armloads of stuff back in to my dorm i had a panic attack.  i can't do this.   it is too much.  i need to sleep.  i washed my feet off, wasn't good enough, showered, wasn't good enough. my feet wont stop feeling sticky.  i can't do this. maybe it is this. maybe it is something else. maybe it is everything.  who wants to date someone with ocd.  who wants to date someone so unstable..cant do this..sticky toes..dirty..
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